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Friday, January 13, 2017

What's new with me?!

SO!! After reading a post on making your New Year's resolutions doable, I have put together my excel sheet here!

I also have a word document detailing how I am going to tackle each one of them!

I also have caught the investing bug! I am going to start a new wordpress blog and hopefully a podcast as well as create some money out of that. I have such a passion for investing now and I want to let other people know about it, as well document my own journey. I am going to find ways of creating multiple streams of money consistently and I also want to preach on money and the Bible as well as Work and the Bible! (Got preaching appointment in March).

So over the Xmas period, for a laugh, I signed up for a modeling company just for the fun of it- you should of seen my surprise when they called me back a week later and I got a photoshoot booking!

So I got a shape-up and trim and got my best clothes together and went down to London. It was about 2 hours and it was amazing! The bad part was only the lady at the end who had a bad attitude - that was what put me off; but yesterday, I had a call from the company asking how I found it - I told them my views and said I would have done but for that last part - they said they would get back to me and I am happy about that.

The commitment level is something that I would set - but they did say I would be good for the following:

  1. Acting & TV
  2. Commercial 
  3. Catalogues
  4. Casting 
So I will see how that goes :) A lot of plans at the start of the year - and I am looking forward to it! 

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

New Year - New me?

My birthday has come and gone - it was amazing - spent the morning here with Boo and then the night with her mom's family at her grandma's. All fun and games there.

I got a new watch - this one much more durable and expensive looking and suited to business. I also got new clothes from my parents as well as money. On Boxing Day, I went back to Stevenage and had dinner with the family; it was very good.

New Years Eve we watched movies and on New Year's Day, we played at a Ball hosted by our Church's federation - it was a bit nerve wracking, but it went well, but much to improve on.

Work is back in flow now - it was quiet today, but it will pick up again for sure.

Aside from that, I have thought to myself about what to do, and I decided that I will start investing this year. I am also going to go back to the gym to be ready for Japan in May; looking forward to that as well. Our Sales kickoff is in Feb and that is all taken care of as well.

As for this investing thing, I have a good idea now of what to do; I also have other plans to make passive money, but they are in development. I am just happy I am able to start doing these things now and I am not regretting starting it now - it just happened this way.

I am also going to take back time that I have spent with video games and put them to better use - try to play at most 2 hours a day and that is it. We will see how that goes.

My goal to straight teeth is going well - I am on week 5/14, and I can see the small changes, and that is encouraging to me. Very much so. I have so much to look forward to this year that i can't wait for it to happen, and yet I am patient in a way. Funny that.

Spiritually, things need to restart and revamp - and I am looking forward to that - I want the old bad habits that I have carried with me in the past to stay there and come no further. God will surely help me with this.

And for now, that is all I got on my mind. :)

Monday, December 19, 2016

Nearly my Birthday :)

So what has happened since my last post: it seems the posts I do now are just an update from the last ones I have done haha. (Not that it's a bad thing, but I always found that funny). What I also find funny is that I only put bullet points, either because I am lazy, or because I can't remember everything when I go to write. 

  1. We had a campaign at church that ended last week - it was very inspiring and challenging as 2017 looms, it was more like a rededication which I felt was appropriate and it helped me get through some issues I was facing over this year, 
  2. Work is going well - a bit quiet at times, but nothing to complain about for sure - I am still getting used to things in a way, but now I feel part of the team and I do love the varied work that I do :) 
  3. We have booked our tickets to Japan for next May - we can't wait and already planning somewhat we are going to do when we get there.
  4. Went to a gospel gala concert earlier this month and that was very nice; although it was something I wouldn't normally do, I found it enjoyable. 
  5. I got an Xbox (as in the first generation) from a good friend of mine, but I still haven't worked out what i wanted for my birthday (I say that because this and the game sent to me was my birthday and Xmas present)
  6. In the next coming days and weeks, I am going to look heavily into investing and come January, I want to start investing and look into "financial freedom" - I have loads of articles on that and bookmarks, and recently, I haven't been bothered, but today, it flashed through my mind and I want to take advantage of that as well as being more conservative with money. 
  7. So I need to work out what investments will work for me as well as how to track them - it is going to take a lot of reading and research, but the Internet is a minefield of good people making sites to help people like me make money. 
  8. Work will be picking up from next year - and in all fairness, I am looking forward to it - I want to contribute all that I can to Kemp and show that I am that good to be hired by them. 
  9. I have learned a lot on what the Bible has to say about economics and business and how things of that nature work - I am always learning something new and it excites me. 
  10. I am now using Snapchat more often - and I love using it haha. I also got some new music on my Iphone because of that funny enough. 

I think that it is for now :)