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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Another Long time Since I Wrote

So I am writing this while listening to a Youtube Track on Thunderstorm sounds (just comforting for me personally) - I also realized there is so much that has gone since March! So i might as well bring them up as I remember them!

  1. Been working at Kemp for over 8 months now - I spent a week with our Support Team in Limerick (our EMEA HQ) and it was very very insightful and good for me! I learned a lot and I grew a lot in confidence from being there! I can't wait to go back - It was the longest time I was also away from Boo as well - so I did feel the loneliness after day 4 or so. Being here is amazing still! 
  2. I actually started passive investing - through a program called USI - Tech; I started around the time I was in Limerick and it is going very well ! They are a coming that trade in Bitcoin and do a lot of stuff with it - see here for more info - www.usiview.com/?ref=teambloodsaw - i will put up stats on that over time, and I am trying to get people on board to show they can earn passively through this system - So far so good for me, that is for sure! More to come with them in future posts - I also have other methods for creating passive income as well - this is just the first and got me interested again!
  3. We went to Japan in May for the 2nd time - this time in Tokyo and the surrounding areas! Finally met people that I have spoken to online in person and it was very fun indeed! We had a lot of good times and it was a blast - Boo says next time she wants to go Okinawa! Check Facebook if you haven't already. 
  4. Our baby shower was this Sunday just gone and I am going to be having a girl! Her name will be Kimori (meaning rejoice and prosper) and spelt 喜盛 (a proper Japanese name! I am so siked about that haha) - I can't wait to meet her in September ! 
  5. We also have to start moving and getting stuff ready for our big move to Stevenage! So a lot to do on that front for me! 
  6. Been looking at how I can develop more in my role as a Pre-Sales Engineer and how to get better and better - always finding new things to read and digest. 
  7. Japanese - After i came back, I took a bit of a break (probably because of all the exposure and stuff, or just laziness; either way, I am getting back to learning and I want to diversify my skillset with Japanese, so I am finding various ways of using it - like offering translations skills and the like - still Looking for more students to teach! 
  8. Gym and Fitness - has been on hold for a long while - I got lazy and into a bad rut - I need to get out of it and do something and get more active at least - I still have time before I move. Once i get to stevenage, i want to sign up for the gym there, do cycling again and pick up martial arts for cardio and for a change in activity. 
  9. Spiritual Walk - has been up and down - I am still struggling with old sins and trying to give them up and keep them up has been tough - but I am still working on it with God's grace. 
  10. Modelling - need to call back the agency and continue with that - otherwise i need to get my money back haha. So I need to do that by this month really to get it started! 

And I think that is for now! :) Definitely have done a lot since I last wrote! 

Monday, March 20, 2017

It's been a while since I wrote.

And a bit has happened since then. I have been to Ireland 3 times (twice ROI and once NI), I have been to the Excel Center 4 times as of last week for a trade show, I now have straight teeth (no more aligners!) and I have some time off as well. I also have preached once this year in Maidenhead just gone last Saturday, which was a change and I enjoyed it.

As for my goals, I have some work to do to get back on them.

Work is picking up now and I am feeling more confident in being a part of the team - which is good for me. Although I want to get more in depth with some of the product features, that is learn around them. So for that purpose, I want to resume my pen testing to understand things like Cross site scripting and really get into the OWASP Top 10, which is a list of common web vulnerabilities. Part of me was toing and froing on this because I was wondering what good it will do, seeing as it isn't real world experience, but at the same time, any experience in pen testing will do for now on the side. It is just something I have set time aside for and work through it.

I am looking forward to my next trip to Japan, although I haven't really thought about it that much lately. Time just seems to fly by and I am happy about that. I went to Sushimania yesterday which was very nice, although I felt I ate a bit too much come the end of the meal.

This week, I am off to see a Partner and will educate them on what is new with KEMP - which I am looking forward to. It was nice having some time off.

Friday, January 13, 2017

What's new with me?!

SO!! After reading a post on making your New Year's resolutions doable, I have put together my excel sheet here!

I also have a word document detailing how I am going to tackle each one of them!

I also have caught the investing bug! I am going to start a new wordpress blog and hopefully a podcast as well as create some money out of that. I have such a passion for investing now and I want to let other people know about it, as well document my own journey. I am going to find ways of creating multiple streams of money consistently and I also want to preach on money and the Bible as well as Work and the Bible! (Got preaching appointment in March).

So over the Xmas period, for a laugh, I signed up for a modeling company just for the fun of it- you should of seen my surprise when they called me back a week later and I got a photoshoot booking!

So I got a shape-up and trim and got my best clothes together and went down to London. It was about 2 hours and it was amazing! The bad part was only the lady at the end who had a bad attitude - that was what put me off; but yesterday, I had a call from the company asking how I found it - I told them my views and said I would have done but for that last part - they said they would get back to me and I am happy about that.

The commitment level is something that I would set - but they did say I would be good for the following:

  1. Acting & TV
  2. Commercial 
  3. Catalogues
  4. Casting 
So I will see how that goes :) A lot of plans at the start of the year - and I am looking forward to it!